Facilitator Handbook #1: Steps toward action

Empowerment for self-responsible initiative

Help your learners to discover their vision and turn it into concrete civic action!

The starting point of any civic involvement is motivation and inspiration. Therefore the first chapters cope with how to support learners to identify their inner motivation for initiating social change and self-development. The instructor, trainer or teacher has a crucial role in this regard. Therefore we introduce the idea of facilitation - a supportive, inspiring and trusting in the capacities of the learners.

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Südwind entwickelte das Handbuch im Rahmen einer Strategischen Partnerschaft bei Erasmus+ mit folgenden PartnerInnen:

Deutschland: Mitost e.V. und Working Between Cultures
Polen: Skoro
Bulgarien: Ideas Factory

Mit finanzieller Unterstützung der Europäischen Union.