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Our Vision

A Good Life
for All

We strive for global justice and a Good Life for All. We want to live in a peaceful world where human well-being and integrity as well as ecological sustainability take center stage.


  • Südwind is committed to human rights, climate justice and global sustainable development.
  • We want fair working conditions for all people along international supply chains and a mindful approach to nature and its finite resources.
  • We want to live in a world in which solidarity can be experienced across national borders, social classes and religious groups and in which all people have access to high-quality education and healthy and culturally appropriate food


Who we are

Südwind is an Austrian non-profit human rights organization headquartered in Vienna that has been campaigning for global justice and sustainable development since 1979. With regional offices in Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, Upper Austria and Lower Austria, Südwind implements development education projects and information campaigns. The editorially independent Südwind-Magazine focuses on international politics, culture and development and highlights global interconnections and their effects.

Our Mission

How we work

Through educational work, campaigning and public relations and the publication of the Südwind-Magazine, Südwind makes complex global interrelationships understandable and introduces constructive perspectives and alternative courses of action. Südwind is committed to a strong civil society and cooperates with networks and partner organizations around the world to inspire politicians, business and civil society to drive positive change towards a good life for all.

Südwind holds political and business leaders accountable and calls for an economic and development model that consistently takes social rights and ecological limits into account worldwide. This requires binding rules for politics and business that effectively counteract environmental destruction and the climate crisis and guarantee respect for human rights worldwide.

Südwind is committed to diversity and inclusion, provides information about the causes and consequences of migration and facilitates an exchange between people with different histories and identities. Südwind acknowledges different experiences of discrimination and takes a critical look at existing gender relations and racialization processes. In its educational work, Südwind is committed to global learning and global citizenship education.

Our Network

Südwind works throughout Austria via a network of offices in seven federal states. We work in German and English, our team members are fluent in various other languages as well.

Our campaigns are designed and implemented in close cooperation with international partners. Be it with trade unions in Central America, civil society organizations in East Africa, labour rights organizations in South Asia or educational organizations throughout Europe.

Our Services

Südwind has been campaigning for sustainable global development, human rights and fair working conditions worldwide since 1979. Through educational work in and out of school and the publication of the Südwind magazine, Südwind in Austria addresses global interrelationships and their effects. Together with international partners, we are committed to a fairer world through high-profile activities, campaigning and information work.


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