Pan-European Survey, Main multi-country report

The pan-European “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change” #ClimateOfChange campaign, funded by the European Commission, aims to engage young Europeans in understanding the complex relationships between climate change and migration. Feeding into the campaign, Ipsos performed a survey of young people (15 to 35 years old) in 23 European countries.

The survey was conducted between 29 October and 19 November 2020. In total 22,377 surveys were completed across countries. In 21 of the 23 countries surveyed >1,000 interviews were conducted. In Cyprus and Malta >500 respondents were interviewed.
Young Europeans consider climate change and environmental degradation as top priorities. Immigration is deemed of less concern.

Close to half (46%) of young Europeans consider climate change to be among the most serious problems facing the world, which puts it in first place among problems listed, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In second place comes “environmental degradation, including for example air pollution, deforestation and the extinction of animals” (44%). Just 13% consider “large-scale migration” to be among the most serious problems facing the world.

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